Poncha Springs, Colorado

Wooden Sculpture Pictures

Mark Bjerstedt Of Poncha Springs And His Interesting Wood Sculpture Collection - February 2006

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Poncha Springs, Colorado

Poncha Springs, Colorado

Poncha Springs, Colorado

Located right on the main highway is Mark Bjerstedt, a wood sculptor. You'll probably recognize his property by the large wooden sculptures in front of his home next to Mountain Sports Haus.

If you love artistic wood sculptures, this is definitely a place to check out! As you can see, he uses his front yard as his work area with piles of logs and saw dust from many years of wood sculpting.

Mark is a friendly and down-to-earth guy, and he lives the dream of doing his artwork full-time.

Wood Sculpture Now Mark doesn't create basic wooden bears in assembly-line fashion. Mark is a wood sculptor and each item is a unique piece of art.
Wood Sculpture Very interesting.
Wood Sculpture Wood Sculpture Wood Sculpture I really liked this red-faced woman! Notice all the details and the delicate curves he sculpted on her cheek bones and chin. What talent!
Wood Owl Wood Fish An owl and a fish. I love the detail on the fish!
An attractive pig.
Mark Bjerstedt There he is - Mark Bjerstedt, the proud wood sculptor of Poncha Springs!

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